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Tranquil Turtle®


Our first product to combine both sight and sound features, Tranquil Turtle will transform your child's room into a peaceful oasis. The light projector creates a serene underwater effect - complete with softly undulating waves - while the sound machine unit offers two calming choices: a gentle melody or whispering waves. Winner of Infant Toy of the Year Award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Tranquil Turtle is a great solution for kids who are afraid of the dark.


  • Magical underwater light effect
  • Projects underwater effect with a gentle wave motion
  • Shell glows in relaxing Aquamarine color
  • Plays 2 soothing sounds: Tranquil Melody and Ocean Waves
  • 23 minute timer ensures complete darkness and silence during child’s deep sleep, recommended by pediatricians
  • Choice of 2 melodies with 6 adjustable volume levels
  • Adjustable settings for brightness and movement create a fully controllable experience for various environments

What's in the Box:

  • Tranquil Turtle
  • 3 AA batteries (Yes! The batteries are included!)

Artful and Soothing

Despite its dozy demeanor, Tranquil Turtle is actually working double-time. To help your little one fall asleep, Tranquil Turtle plays one of two soothing sounds (a proven way to encourage sleep). And as many parents know, imaginations can run wild in the night and sometimes be scary for children. Tranquil Turtle projects an underwater effect, lighting the way to a more comforting and restful sleep.

Parent-Friendly Operation

Plush and soft, with a sturdy plastic shell, this sound machine nightlight is best placed on the floor in the center of the room where it projects a soothing ocean onto the ceiling and walls. Simply pressing the button on the turtle's shell ignites the ocean and keeps them glowing for a full 23 minutes--just enough time for most children to drift into sleep. At this point, the Twilight Turtle automatically shuts off to preserve battery life and allow your child to slip into deepest slumber. Another push of the button reactivates the projection if needed.

Makes a Great Gift

A great gift for children who are afraid of the dark, or even adults who have trouble falling asleep. Perhaps the best thing about this plush pal is it becomes a favorite bedtime buddy for years and years to come - truly a gift that keeps on giving!


Tranquil Turtle transformera la chambre de l’enfant en une oasis tranquille. La carapace de la tortue projette une lumière qui créée un effet sous-marin apaisant – avec des vagues - tandis que la machine de son offre deux choix apaisants: une mélodie douce ou le bruit des vagues. Vainqueur du prix "Infant Toy of the Year" et l’approbation du "National Parenting Center", Tranquil Turtle est la solution idéale pour les enfants qui ont peur de l'obscurité.


  • Lumières et sons calmants pour aider l'enfant à dormir
  • Atténue la peur de l'obscurité
  • Projette sur murs et plafonds un monde sous marin avec un doux mouvement de vague
  • Joue 2 sons apaisants
  • La minuterie de 23 minutes permet silence et obscurité totale pour la
  • phase de sommeil profond
  • Possibilité d'ajuster la luminosité et le mouvement des vaguespour une expérience unique qui s'adapte a chaque environnement

Qu'y a-t-il dans la boite:

  • Tranquil Turtle
  • 2 piles AA; inclus (oui! Les piles sont incluses!)