Teepees and cognitive development

Teepees and cognitive development

Teepees and cognitive development

We all have memories of camping in the summertime, a unique experience that brings you close to nature, helps you disconnect from all the city routines and enjoy your freedom playing by the beach or/and river. Letting all the sunshine in! But you can’t always camp, can you? So, imagine a world where you could feel like a proper camper in your home… And if we can enjoy it, your kids will absolutely love it!

Building a fort in the living room with cushions or pretending that the dining table is a tent can be fun, having an actual tent or teepee in the house though, can raise the game! Play tents and teepees are the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom and they offer hours of playtime, day or night. And kids love crawling in and out of the small structures and use their imaginations to create a magical world within their fort. Playhouses even encourage your kid to grab a good book and snuggle up. They're the perfect ticket to beat the blues in the wintertime.

“Playing in tents promotes creative play, while creative play provides an array of benefits for children’s development. It has been proven that creative play has a positive impact on the physical and cognitive development. Also, creative play helps in forming a solid emotional health and makes it easier for kids to socialize within a group” says author Emily Dawson of http://howimportant.com/. In fact, creative thinking and creative problem solving are fast becoming some of the key skills employers are looking for in the workforce. Schools know this and creative play is being incorporated into the curriculum for younger children.

Parents all over the globe, find tents and teepees extremely beneficial for their kids’ development and it seems that this type of play, helps the littles ones evolve and start acknowledging their own abilities, by using their hands, eyes and surely, imagination. Teacher, mother and product reviewer Saia Emin writes on her Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/livingsmart__/)  about our very own Kampi Teepee: “My son loves his new tent. We use it for play every day. It is perfect in our family room as he can have some of his toys down and mom can also use it to hide the mess :P! It really has become a family favorite…”.

All in all, teepees help your child develop intellectually, physically and socially. It is a great choice not only for your kids, but the entire family, giving you the chance to bond and spend some quality fun time together. And we all know how significant that is, in our times.

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