"Never take a simple moment for granted"

"Never take a simple moment for granted"

"Never take a simple moment for granted"


Teacher & product tester/reviewer Saia Emin opens her heart to @aroundthecrib, sending a very strong message to all the mothers of this world… A hard worker, loyal mother of two wonderful kids and undoubtedly a sceptic, Saia is a woman of distinct intelligence and influence. And seeing her work, you will discover that being “loud” doesn’t always make you one. Either its her perspective on social media, motherhood or the troubles of this society, there is a piece of wisdom with the graceful simplicity of her statements. And we absolutely love that. AroundtheCribers, Saia is one more reason why we “love mothers”. Actually, the BEST.

“Each day is a new learning curve”

S.E.: I can’t name the number of things I have learnt from my children and each day is a new learning curve. However, for me I struggled a lot with my physical health during my first child and I had to give up this idea of independence and really rely on my family for help. I had to learn that it was ok to ask for help and to be helped. 

“There’s no such thing as a perfect mom”

S.E.: There is no “perfect” rubric to follow. “Perfect” is the best you can be which sometimes is just “average”, but that is ok. I think we must accept there is no such thing as a perfect woman or a perfect mom. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work from home, but often I have to remember to balance my work life as it is easy to become engulfed in working as I think to myself that I am home, so it must be ok. Often setting tasked goals is the best way to prioritize work from life at home. Set goals, meet those goals and then learn to step away. I still do it the old fashion way too, by writing lists in my planner. 

“Social media is a such a unique way to interact”

S.E.: I think Instagram and all social media has become such an incredible platform for different reasons, but we are living in such unique times with the deception of social media and being able to portray a false self. For me it isn’t about being flawless or perfect in any sense, but rather a community of people that can find likeminded people to connect to. If we can separate ourselves from this idea of perfection, Instagram and all social media is such a unique way to interact and communicate with people we would never really meet or speak to otherwise. It also just can change with the way people are. 

“I only hope that we can find our way back…”

S.E.: The divide the world is currently facing through countless tragic events is harshly analyzed through social media as it’s easy to be harsher when you’re not really looking people in the eye. This isn’t as easy to talk about as we can really go in-depth with what has gone wrong in the world. All I can say right now is that we, as a society, have lost all compassion and I hope that we can find our way back. 


“Power comes in countless forms”

S.E.: A woman that is powerful is a woman who can live by her own rules, while still showing compassion and kindness to others. But doesn’t this just apply to everyone? Often, we think power must come in a form of rigid, toughness or this ideology of “looking tough” and “being tough”, when power comes in countless forms and often can come in the form of having self-control over our emotions and compassion. I think this also reflects my motherly side as being compassionate and patient with your children can really change how you interact with others around you too.

“Each moment is a blessing”

S.E.: I want to wish all old mother’s, new mother’s, soon-to-be mother’s and those who are still on the journey of trying to become mothers, a beautiful day. I hope they find peace in their hearts, in their minds and in their lives. Remember that each second is a blessing with your children and to never take a simple moment for granted. 

“Holding their hand along the way…”

S.E.: I hope that all children of the future can be more unifying with their communities as for my own, I hope my children can grow up to become comfortable with who they are and are able to pave their own paths. I don’t want to push them in any direction or give them ideas of what they should be or even create a foundation of sorts for them. I want to be the mother that will hold their hand along the way no matter what direction they choose and remind them of how amazing they truly are. 


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