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“Life is boring without both life and shadows”

“Life is boring without both life and shadows”


Sara Bare is a content creator & contributor to @guidanceguide, a loving wife, a devoted mother and a very very creative individual. A woman that punches life obstacles in the face and keeps going. She is dividing her time between her 2 lovely kids Jason (who is on the autism spectrum) & Lily and her work as a writer, whilst being an Instagram enthusiast sharing engaging content around parenthood and various other social topics. Her work is simply fascinating and her soul richer than all the worlds… She talks to @aroundthecrib about her personal experience as an autism mother and gives us her very inspirational take on women empowerment. 

“The biggest challenge of having a son with autism, is isolation”

S.B: We have hard days, but I feel such guilt ever complaining about them. So, I carry my pain internally. Likewise, our joys can seem unrelatable to many others. If say that my son told me he was sad for the first time in his 6 years, it may not carry the same resonance to a parent that has been hearing the same thing since their child was 2.

“Oh…What it would be like to sleep in past 7 am!”

S.B:  Yes, I do look back on my pre-kid days and the freedom :P! My children are amazing, but I would be lying if I didn’t think back selfishly on those days!  Oh, what it would be like to sleep in past 7am! Or go out for dinner 5 minutes after deciding it seems like a good idea…!

“My captions are always real talk”

S.B: I must admit, I am a fan of a well composed, perfectly lit photo. It brings me joy to be able to play with my camera and catch those brief moments of beautiful calm. But my captions will always be real talk. Yes, the moment captured looks ideal, but I will let you know how I almost pulled out all my hair to achieve it!  I don’t think Instagram is that different from our real world. We put on the face that we want others to see, while our internal struggles stay hidden. I love being able to share that juxtaposition on my Instagram feed. The beauty and the pain. The serious and the humorous. Life is boring without both life and shadows. 

“We are powerful and fierce”

S.B: I think we have always known how to roar, but today, when we choose to raise our voices, we have a community of other women behind us to amplify our message. We aren’t in this alone. We are powerful and fierce and can stand up for what we want and DESERVE, and we know we can rely on the strength of our community. 

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