2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide


  1. The Magic Classroom – Gift Box – Max and the Magic Pen (16.95$)

Age: 6+
This gift box contains a comic strip that tells The Adventure of Max and the Magic Pen. The box also contains a magic accessory and a secret code, so the child can access the secret to the magic trick online. The Magic Classroom is the perfect gift to develop manual dexterity, build up self-confidence, improve public speaking skills, build vocabulary, imposes interaction with others, use creativity and imagination, exercises memory as well as logic and reasoning abilities.

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  1. Olala Boutique – Trio Set Rabbit Nightlight (63.99$)

Age: 0+
The 3 cheeky little rabbits will comfort children as they fall asleep and make them smile. The 3 nightlights are cordless and go anywhere. Use them separately or line them up on a pathway. The Leo, Leni, and Lila night-lights are completely safe for children, made from safe materials and with LED lighting that does not heat up.
Bonus: Léo, Léni & Lila was just elected best night light in 2018 by the UK newspaper, Independent

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  1. BenBat – YummiGo Booster – Blue (69.99$)

Age: 6 months+
BenBat’s Feed and Go Booster Seat & Storage Case is a must-have for those traveling with a baby or toddler. This portable booster seat contains a storage compartment under the seat made to store daily essentials. The booster comes with an adjustable strap that can be easily thrown over your shoulder to make it simple to carry around from place to place.

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  1. Cloud B – Twilight Buddies – Unicorn or Dragon (35.99$)

Age: 0+
A fun & plush pal by day and soothing light by night, Cloud B provides an ultra-cuddly friend that helps ease a child’s fear of the dark by projecting a starry night sky onto bedroom ceilings and walls. Projects and glows in 3 soothing colors; Amber brings warmth, blue is peaceful, and green inspires feelings of harmony and renewal. The projection will glow for a full 45 minutes, which is plenty of time for most children to drift off into a deep sleep.
Bonus: Hidden within the soothing starry projection are the moon and 3 constellations!

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  1. Kokoon Collection – Moon, Star, & Lil’ Star – Blue/Green or Pink/Green (3) (29.99$ each)

Age: 0+
Around the Crib’s very own Kokoon collection carries 3 styles; Moon, Star, or Lil’ Star. These adorable plushies are the best companions for the little ones. Use them as decorative items, or as soft pillows. With the push of a button, hidden multi-color Flashing LED Lights appear through the pillow so it can also serve as a nightlight.
Bonus: The Lil’ Star Kokoon will also soothe the little ones to sleep with the classic “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” lullaby.

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  1. Kampi – Visit at the Zoo

Age: 3+
Decorate a playroom with one of our dreamy teepees and let the kids create their own independent space. Our Kampi teepees are the perfect solution for a child’s room and they also encourage their imagination and build tiny worlds. All teepees come with an LED night for night time use, and a round play mat for additional comfort and safety.

Click here to shop Visit At The Zoo Teepee

  1. – Triangle Socks – Yellow, Brown, Orange, Pink, and Black (6.99$ each)

Age: 1-4
This holiday season Sooo. is offering the perfect stocking stuffer: mini socks that serve as tree ornaments. Sooo. Provides comfortable and fun socks for toddlers with an anti-slip grip to keep cozy and safe.

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  1. Cloud B – Tranquil Turtle – Aqua

Age: 0+
Turn a bedroom into a peaceful oasis. The light projector under the shell creates a serene underwater effect with softly undulating waves - while the sound machine unit offers a gentle melody or whispering waves. Tranquil Turtle makes a great gift for kids who are afraid of the dark.
Bonus: Winner of Infant Toy of the Year Award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval!

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  1. The Tiny Universe – Finest Baby Picturebook

Age: 3+
This unique and humoristic picture book is a fun tool when it comes to learning about the finer things in life. The Finest Baby Picturebook helps learn and recognize essential words of the elite such as; champagne, caviar, and private jet. With a smooth velvet hardcover, this makes a super chic gift! Comes in English only.

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  1. Bedford Road - Knitted Sweater + Knitted Beanie with Knot – Off-White (35.99$ + 19.99$)

Age: 0+
This season Bedford Road is introduced a warm asymmetrical button-down knitted sweater and matching extremely cozy top knot hat. This set is guaranteed to have your little one feeling snuggly and comfortable!
Pieces both sold separately. Available in sizes 0-6m, 6-12m, and 12-18m.

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  1. Miyim – Organic Bowling Set (59.99$)

Age: 2+
Have some fun with your baby in a clean organic way. This 6-piece organic bowling set comes with one soft bowling ball and five colorful animal pins, so your child can learn how to roll a ball. miYim® helps keep children safe from pesticides by using organic cotton and natural eco-friendly dyes, rather than ordinary cotton that easily absorbs harmful toxins.

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  1. Varanassi – Pure – Ecru 90x140 (130.00$)

Age: All ages
The perfect gift for any age. This hand-woven rug by Varanassi made up of 100% New Zealand wool with a pompom detail perfect to transform any bedroom, an entrance or a living room into a boho-chic haven. Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes 90x140 cm or 170x240 cm.

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Keep an eye on our Instagram as of Dec 1st, 2018 as we will be giving away some items from the gift items to 12 lucky winners!

Good luck & happy holidays!

 - ATC Team

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